Irish sculptor Mary Quinn specialises in Portrait Busts in bronze.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Hi, all you frustrated artists out there. How do you motivate yourself to stay calm, relaxed and confident and believe that you will be the next best thing, in the Art World. Or even the next best thing in your own world. Lets face it, if you're not King or Queen of your own kingdom, in your own head, how will you get others to believe in you?

Well, according to Deepak Chopra all you have to do is meditate for 30 mins every morning and every evening. I have managed the morning one and it does work. I'm not sure if this is because I feel so guilty about giving myself "quiet time' or when I realise what time it is, I feel galvanised to leap up and get out off my bed (yes I do prefer to meditate on the comfort of my own bed, no hard floors for me) and get on with my latest commission or project and get some work done.

You know I love doing the work and get completely lost in it, I just wish a magic Patron would appear and sell the work for me at a just and profitable price. I could tell you about the 3 con agents (maybe they could form a trio and cut a record as well, they sure had all the moves in cutting a deal angled for their sole benefit) who nearly removed my faith in human kind but who knows, if I get that close to you at some stage, I might. But that's a story for another day.

In the meantime you may gaze upon what I consider to be one of my best pieces of work. Did I tell you I am a sculptor?
This sculpture of Mother Teresa is actually available as a limited edition worldwide. I have never tried to sell it as she is responsible for getting me my commissions. I have donated the first bronze to her order and it resides in Westminster Cathedral in London.
It was the only piece of sculpture that Cardinal Hume would allow in the Cathedral. When Mother died it was placed in a side chapel and people came and lit candles (It was a journalist from the Irish Post who told me this, I was not aware of it myself.)


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